Saturday, November 28, 2009


Finally, I've started my semester break...Time to look for a job! Of course some of you enjoy sitting at home, watch TV on a fine lazy afternoon and would have thought,"Why do I even wanna get a job now? Couch potato life is so much better!". To me, time is money..time is money...TIME IS MONEY! Of course, in conjunction of getting a job, I never fail to apply for a job that I like. This time around, I'm planning to work for a month or so, to fund for my trip to Singapore, and probably call a few 'kakis' to come along with me.

I think it would be an ideal place to go for a holiday, and to try and get contacts there to get involved with my business in sales. I've taken part-time jobs for at least 3 times in my life since I was 16. 1st job, I was a sales assistant at a 2nd hand goods store. 2nd was a promoter at FOS (Factory Outlet Store). And in my last job, I was a Butler/Kitchen helper/Bartender/Bell Boy at Maxim's 5 star hotel suite in Genting Highlands. Those jobs benefited me alot because it gave me alot of experience in these fields. But I cannot wait to get into the Audio Engineering industry somewhere in the near future.

For now, I'm still surveying for a job and just to see what I could work as, this time. Well, getting a job is somehow good. I don't have to just wait and save up monthly allowances given by my dad. Instead, I could earn a decent salary each month and earn great independence. I was never the type who would ask my parents for things that are costly. Whenever I couldn't afford things that were expensive, I would always strive to look for a job and work for the money. I feel that it is most rewarding at times. Being able to receive that 'hard-earned' money at the end of the month is really uplifting. Highest achievement would be, to be able to go to a store and get something you've been wishing for. That, I call true happiness and satisfaction.

I remember my days in Genting in the past, where I had to sleep well in the afternoon because of my daily working shift which starts from 11pm and ends at 7am. I even had to subsidize my daily spendings because, alot of things were expensive over there. For a month, I've been surviving on Canteen food and cup noodles. It could be a pretty tough life there, if you worked at Genting for the first time. When my 2nd income was banked in, I immediately left my job as a Butler because I was sick of being away from home for too long. But as I looked back at my old job, I still remember the good times where, after work, I used to go to this place called 'Sportsbook club' to watch a live band that plays every night while actually eyeing at the hot waitresses who were working there.

There were some days where I've thought of adventuring into the old hostels around Genting because some people claimed it was haunted. Reason for that, was because I wanted to find out whether ghosts were real or not and also to test my beliefs of the supernatural. To be honest, I was too afraid to go alone. Okay, now this paragraph is beginning to sound like a 'Children's Book'. But yes, I was tempted to visit the place.

Whenever I was in my dorm, I would relax on the top of the double decker bed and listen to alot of Metal music. Keeps me calm and reliefs my stress from work. Some of my colleagues who stayed nearby in one of the rooms, have a thing for techno music. Every night, they would blast Techno music with the door open so that the music can be heard at the whole dorm area. Those were the good old days.

The best position in the job was being at the guest list counter at the lounge. Why? Because I had a 'thing' for a girl (just to clarify that I'm not gay! hahaha) who worked at the front desk of Maxim Suites. What was the benefit you might ask? Staring at her back. YES. It was the only thing that I usually do to make the time pass by very fast. And it works! After a month, I left my job because I grew tired of Genting. After receiving my last payment from there, I went on continuing to save my money and finally got the things that I've always wanted. And when I looked back, I said to myself,"Damn, I got these great things because I had to go through the hard way. But the experience was a bonus." And I've gotten this far...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is no you..there is ONLY me

To those who may be concerned.....

*Warning! Explicit content. Read at own risk. The blogger of this post is not responsible for any damage inflicted (Emotionally) to any individual who reads the following post
. Those who may find this post offensive upon partial reading would be adviced to leave IMMEDIATELY! *

Finally, I'm done with my last recording submission, which is due tomorrow. And I'm taking great pride in this project. Why? I recorded an NIN (Nine Inch Nails) cover called 'Gave Up' with a special big thanks to Syafiq and Poh Hock for making this recording project possible. Now, I just need to write up my report on the recording and another for my 'Computer Systems' project.

Now, I would like to talk about politics. No, not the one that involves the political parties (PAS, BN, DAP, UNMO, MIC, MCA) but about politics amongst friends and people that we know. The whole 'Bitching-about-other people' kind of matter. I mean, it's not like it's NEVER existed before in our lives but I've gotten loads of those treatments recently and yet, at most times I do not wish to even know what bad shit people say about me. I have had to endure feedback from the rumor mill that certain people are spitefully “laughing” at me for performing on stage although I am a audio production student and not one of them; music majors! I do not understand why they're superiority complex (which is an oxymoron because it is an inferiority complex). They have been making all sorts of sarcastic remarks behind my back and sniggering amongst themselves in my presence like a bunch of pussies! No balls to tell things to my face. I am not as good as them musically per se, but I am better musically as a audio student than they will ever be as music majors. They probably suspect their current music ability is due only to years and years of forced practice and formal instruction. Without that I wonder how they will do as performers? You people know who you are.

As a guest performer on some Fridays, I have the freedom and the guts to go solo. More importantly I do my own thing and enjoy myself out there. The music majors who perform on the day are under pressure for performance grades and some probably hate my guts for the pressure they are under. Jealousy is a very negative emotion. Screw you guys…you people know who you are.

If you're so caught up on judging me, I am assured to think that you're not happy with your own life. I will not take home negative energy from negative assholes with their own constipated lives. I mean, it's okay to draw a conclusion about a person’s musical performance. but to go on and on about it even though that person has done you no wrong is spiteful and malicious. In the end, wouldn't it make you nothing but a sad sadistic bastard? Go conquer your own demons and leave me out of your sordid existence! You people know who you are!

You people know who you are! Your snide remarks about my performances are never about my performances. You people are so scared on how the lecturers would judge upon your performances, you will never make the grade as musicians as music majors. All your years may go down the shithole! As for me, I am comfortable in my own skin and happy just doing what I do…like jamming with former members of the Blues Gang last week!


Monday, November 09, 2009

Closure (A revisited thought)

I've always been a irreligious person. An apathetic individual when I was a kid who had no knowledge as to what 'God' was in the mainstream religions, till I finally heard of this 'Jesus', 'Buddha' and etc that they speak of, when I was abit older. A cynical person I am about life, I know that I only live once on Earth. I do not worry about where I am gonna be after I've passed on someday, but I would just wait and see where I go. In my family line, alot of them were non-believers, especially my Grandpa from my dad's side who was an assured Atheist himself. My parents never encouraged me to be in a religion or to be a non-believer. All of this came upon myself about how I wanna live my life.

Without making any immediate assumptions, I went to an 'Assembly Of God' Church called 'Glad Tidings', located in PJ a few months back to feed my brain with knowledge about Christianity. A college friend of mine introduced me to the Church and it's people. I have to say, the place was pretty nice. A good place to settle down and relax and unwind your mind. That's how good the aura of the Church was. I came for their services for a few times to learn about what they believe and what they've been taught about life and the life-after.

This was a great opportunity to meet and mix with commonly good people in the church, and to learn about Christianity. Of all the times when people there prayed for me and tried to convince me that Christianity was the answer, I started to stray away from Sunday services. How? It was during the time when the pastor started preaching to this,"God created you and gave you a freewill life, but you must abide by these rules that he has set". Something like that. It got me questioning,"If God created us and gave us a freewill life. Why do we need to abide by his rules? That's not even freedom. What would be my will and purpose in life then?" It's like trying to maintain a relationship with your landlord, by having to pay your rent every month so that you can enjoy your rented place. And to also make your landlord happy, because he now has money.

Going to Church is like going for a Rock concert. People go to Church to find deeper meaning as to what God is, just like how people go to concerts in search of good music. The vibe of people getting absorbed into getting blessed in a big group, is like an amplification of 4 good 100 watt powered guitar cabinet amplifiers, blasting Rock music helping people to enjoy the music. If you don't believe in God, then stop. Find another path. It's like if you don't believe in the music, stop listening to it, find something else. Do I have a choice? Yes, I have the will to choose.

It was then, I stopped going to Church and only attended the cell meetings that happen every Friday. Knowing myself as a very sociable lad, I only went for cell meetings to mix around with different people and to widen my circle of friends. Till it came a time, when I made a short speech for them to know what I thought about their faith and such. I told my Christian friends who were half stoic, that I was grateful that they've welcome me to their faith and also told them I enjoyed being around them because of how well they treated me. But I came down with a 'Closure' as to what I think, when they asked me whether I would accept Christ as my saviour.

I ended it like this,"I do not know whether this would be the right path for me, but I hope I could still participate with you guys, on your social activities. My life on Earth is my last and I wouldn't want to make any wrong decisions along the way. I am still finding my own ground of beliefs. I may not know what God is, but I think I know what God isn't." I said those things because I felt that I needed to make a stand instead of just following what they say. I felt that I had the right to question. Answers don't come when questions are not asked. So, what is wrong? Questioning or making assumptions about religion? Think that for yourself.

I live by these principles:
-Don't kill

-Don't steal

-Be good people

-Live a good life

I still go for cell meetings. Reason being that I like being around friends, instead of professing to the faith but learn about it. One day, in Moral lecturer was teaching about the benefits of Religion. On how it brings purpose into our lives. She said that Religion is something that teaches us to be good people and to help bring people together.But to me, each religion has different kinds of teachings of conditions. How is that going to bring people together when they have certain contradictions that the religion has taught them, and yet affects society of different backgrounds? Only way, is to respect each others religion and appreciate the good things a person has done for you, rather than to judge based on stereotyping!

I believe death will deliver all answers that we've been wanting to know when we were still living. Everyone has the right to believe or disbelieve whatever they want. If either of them
serves a purpose in your life, go ahead! But I've chosen my path.

Nine Inch Nails-Terrible Lie

Entrance of the conflagration...

Well, today went pretty well. Finally sold my Vox VT30 amp to some buyer yesterday and I got myself a new amp today =) An Ibanez TBX 30. It's so awesome! The Gain of this amp was so immense, it can blow my brains out of the window! Seriously, compared to the old amp, the Vox didn't have a large amount of gain that I wanted (Even though it was a Valvestate amp). I'll never settle for anything less than 30 watts of power in an amp, that's one thing about me. Unless if it was a 5watt Mesa Boogie, then it's a different story.

Got a bargained price for the stuff I bought from Bentley Music. A DI box and an Amp for a good price indeed. Of course, I won't buy the DI box for no reason, it was supposed to make my guitar recordings give out pretty clean signals and hopefully to preserve and enhance great tone =)
Finally, Bentley has brought in Ibanez 'Made In Japan' RG series(s) into their shop. It was about time they brought in the goodies, but their price is something that I still do not agree. But I don't care much though, being a 'Drop Tuning' nut such as myself, I'm done with Floyd Rose guitars and I wouldn't settle any less for fixed bridge guitars.

I played an Ibanez MIJ RG (RG450 I think) off the rack to test out the amp that I've purchased this afternoon. Surprisingly, it's a pretty well built guitar if you asked me. But I'm a proud owner of my own RG, so to me...most of them don't even come close in terms of sound and feel. The 'J Craft Team' editions are one of the 2nd best batches in making Ibanez guitars from Japan, which I was deeply impressed. Nice neck, great body resonance and awesome fingerboard. For the stock pickups? They sound just fine! I might just wait for one of the Mahogany body RG's to be brought over , hopefully soon *Fingers crossed*

I'll be waiting....

Here is, 'Entrance Of The Conflagration' by Trivium =)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

You're a legend!

On that one Friday morning, I woke up and started thinking about how I'm going to do my vocal recording project which was supposed to be my last chance on that day itself. Because next week's schedule would be hectic. I was still in my T-shirt and jeans as I didn't have any pajamas. (Yes, I stayed over without any extra clothes to change into).

My friends, Glen, Ervin and myself were up late at night in KLCC, watching 2 movies which both were 'Inglorious Bustards' and 'Jennifer's Body' from 9pm-2am. Both movies were not so bad, except that 'Inglorious Bustards' had boring- long-winded dialogue sessions. It was 2am after finished both movies. We took a cab back to Ervin's hostel and I slept over that night.

Woke up the next day, and went back home straight away to take a nice hot bath. After that, went back to college to catch Friday Performance. The performers that day were decent. 6pm, I rushed into the studio and quickly set up. Rowen was recording vocals for my vocal project that day, after his Friday performance. At the end, we did almost everything fine under 1 take with the Verses, bridges and choruses. Rowen, you're a legend!

Came back home at 8pm, and I started mixing carefully that night. Though it went on for a couple of days before my submission. So, is perceiving the only way on getting things done. Or do things sometimes just fall into place like 'Tetris'?