Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kiri sute Gomen

'Kirisute Gomen

The phrase "Kirisute Gomen" is of Japanese origin. It means literally, "exemption to cut down and cast aside" a member of the lower orders who has failed to show a member of the samurai military caste proper respect.

In a metaphorical sense
, I'd like to relate and apply the meaning of the two Japanese Kanji characters generally towards people and situations that I've encountered and dealt with before.

Sometimes we tend to think some of our friends do not meet our expectations, such as being; reliable, caring, considerate or even understanding enough. However, it take two hands to clap right? So, what happens if we don't have friends who don't know how to reciprocate? Do we start feeling sorry for them for not knowing better and going through their life like "blurred sotongs".

I apologise in advance for this one for offering what amounts to an unsympathetic apology." (Kiri sute Gomen)

What else can we do? Do we:

(a) Try to influence the person and give him/her the time to learn to be a good friend?


(b) Leave him be and despise him? i.e.
"exemption to cut down and cast aside"

Everyone wants to be respected and to be valued, but many of us also forget that 'respect' has to be earned as well rather than to be demanded, or that it is not always given out willingly. For some people, their ways of gaining respect and seeking to be valued is by only doing favors for friends for some people is by only doing favors for friends. They hold their willingness out so obviously but instead of sending out the signals that they can be trusted, they are actually begging to be taken advantage of. I think it's utter bullshit and can be a double whammer because you're not always respected for your 'reliable, caring, considerate and understanding' behavior, but likely you be made use of the person's puppet instead. Whether the person willing to return the deed back to you as well is besides the point.

From a personal experience, I used to have this good friend of mine from secondary school. We always hung out as true Malaysians regardless of race. Till there was a time he felt uncomfortable with me because I do not carry a religious faith around my neck. He kept trying to convince me to walk his religious path and because I resisted , we stopped talking for almost a year. Does that mean, that my goodness as a friend doesn't count if my faith isn't in sync with his faith? *pfft* It is his bloody loss!

Recently, I was hanging out with some friends at a Starbucks. Suddenly, I saw him and his girlfriend at the counter, ordering drinks. After that, they found a place to sit at quite a distance from where I was sitting. At the corner of my eye, I saw him trying to analyze my whole figure and appearance. It was either he recognized me or he was giving me a hard contemptuous look. But for whatever it was, I approached his table and greeted him. There was a certain awkward moment between him and I at that time.

As expected,wes ended up as total strangers.
I didn't get the good old vibe I had with this person 2 years ago. After the small talks, he told his girlfriend that I was a good friend of his (He never called me for more than a year, you call that friendship?). And continued, by saying that I got good musical taste. (Urrm yeah, and he discriminates against my kind of music because he thinks it's satanic).


So, the question I still consider him a friend?

"I apologize in advance for striking you down"-Kirisute Gomen

Anyhow, these are just personal thoughts of mine..

He who walks the fire breathes
Unlike the rest
Living by the bloody creed
Kirisute gomen
Air of battle tasting stale
Reeks of deceit
Send the bitter straight to hell
Kirisute gomen
In their wretched guts all they want is to feed
Unending, covetous hunger known as greed
As the last legion makes it's way to the skies
I can see in their eyes
They've already died
Inside, but as for the outside
I'll take their fucking heads
Quake has bred with the storm
Conceiving war
Wicked stampeding hordes
Kirisute gomen
I will never be what they
Want me to
I live by my own path in life
No turning
Back now, I won't be held down
Forced into a shallow grave built upon their empty ways
There's no turning back
There's hell to pay, such disarray
A bloodied mess, flesh masquerade
With all the blood making a flood
You made your path by crossing us
He who spits the fire seethes
All he detests
Decapitating, bloody creed
Kirisute gomen

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A message from me

Here's a special message from me...Happy Chinese New Year/Happy Valentine's day!!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

They don't really care about us+All the right moves

Somehow, I found this pretty interesting. I was listening to the radio on one fine day and One Republic's 'All The Right Moves' was playing. I found the song kinda similar with Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Really Care About Us'. Probably because of the way the both songs had some slight familiar elements , like the arrangements and such IMHO...this is what I think.

One Republic-All the right moves

Michael Jackson-They don't really care about us

*Constructive criticisms are welcome*