Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The unproductive,

I've done basically nothing for this whole mid term break except to sit my butt down and practice guitar. Play-play-play, till I think I've gotten calluses on my fingers. But that shouldn't bother me. I kinda figured out what my bad playing habit was. It was the problem of getting too tensed while playing. Normally my fingers would loosen up after a half-an-hour warm up session, before I start working on my chops. That's how rough I was.

Till recently, I read some guitar tips via online about alternate picking. I'm sure you guitarists know what 'Alternate picking' is, I would not go into detail with that. One of the tips explained that I had to relax my left-hand fingers. Which true enough, I only bothered about playing faster, and my left hand fingers got screwed because I wasn't relaxed. Which explains a lot of the mistakes I've made in the past which I did not notice before. With that in mind, I decided to lower my Amp's 'Gain' and Guitar 'Tone' knob a little and practice my licks till I've become accustomed to what I think I did was right. I never made regular adjustments on my Amp for these few days because my focus was on my technique. Soon after, I only ended up controlling my guitar 'Tone' knob and my 'Gain' knob on the amp. Honestly, I was too lazy to even hook up my Boss Overdrive pedal to give out some occasional boosts.

I never really had a good bond with my Ibanez because of my struggle with getting used to it until recently. Being with a guitar and playing it is like a 'Husband & Wife' situation. If you argue with the Wife, the Wife would either listen to you, or defy you until she can drive you up against the wall like a mad man. Those things happened on certain days since I first owned my Ibanez. Sometimes, when your fingers don't feel right..both you and the guitar would end up blaming each other. Sometimes, you'll treasure the guitar because you got to achieve the riff or lick you've been working on. Playing guitar to me is like talking to it. When I get to familiarize with the feel of the neck and fretboard, the more predictable it is on how I can apply my techniques correctly in place on the guitar. It's like getting to know your guitar better in a 'Personal' sense. I'm not even sure whether it's the right word, but who cares.

I went to look up on 'Steve Vai' videos and tried to observe his way of playing. True enough, his fingers can get really fast and yet so smooth. It was as if his fingers were gliding over the fretboard rather than running all over it. After that, I tried playing some 'Funk' and a bit of 'Blues'. And I think I knew how I could get to develop that technique. It was the ' feel'. Though, the term 'feel' is a personal perception to a person, because it has many meanings when it comes to 'feel'. I can't explain to you my kind of 'feel' but the 'feel' is there.

What would be the next step in my journey of guitar learning? Time will tell.

Steve Vai-Tender Surrender

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