Saturday, September 11, 2010

One steep step at a time..

It's been a while since I've posted something here. Well, my bumming days are over and I'm now working. I have no complaints that I won't be able to laze around because I'm doing something that I love. I'm working as a Sound Editor/Mixing Engineer/etc for a company which I would not state due to some reasons.

On the first day of work, I was pretty stoked for the reason that I finally got a career that I could start building upon and hopefully to be able to bring my mixing and recording skills to the next level. Thus, me being new to the company made me realize that I have to work hard to be as good as the Sound Engineers in the Company.

Surprisingly, I found the company a very nice place to work in; great environment, friendly colleagues and nice facilities. My mentor on the job is a pretty outgoing guy, but I'm trying my best to learn from him on what he does best on the production side of things. I have a long way ahead of me before I could become a great Sound Engineer. Competitive? Yes! Intimidated? Hopefully not. But optimum anxiety might just come in handy for me to perform well in this job. Time to 'Focus'!

Being able to operate on the mixing board and software during work kinda made me feel happy, because it's the kind of work that I might end up doing for the rest of my life. Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to also improve on my musicianship with my upcoming band. Man, lyric writing can be such a pain in the ***, just by finding the right words to fit into the meaning and tune.