Monday, July 25, 2011

Do I end this all for the world to see?

Life's a When the tides of hardship is so strong, sometimes you wonder why the pace of this world is so fast. It sucks, yes. If only your contemporaries can just shut the hell up and listen and acknowledge your doubts and concerns about the obstacles of your life. Maybe they could end up finding a solution to your problems. Wouldn't life be much easier to live with. No?

I guess some (or perhaps most) of us like the idea of drifting with other people's opinions, without questioning or voicing out opinions of our own. Maybe it is to avoid a bloodbath conflict amongst our family, friends or colleagues? Then whats our purpose in life? To grow to lead people? Or to grow to follow people?

I guess it takes two to tango to understand each and every individual better. But most of us don't like to be on the side of Wrong whilst having a strong sense of justification to put up. That's just screwed up.

Then where's the trust in each other as individuals, if this major flaw persists? A valid opinion then can't be reached out, because some bad listeners tend to have this screwed up habit of saying, "Oh, don't tell me. I don't wanna hear it.". Then fine, you'll never know what the problem is, and the problems just keep coming after you. Screw you..

I guess we're just a bunch of ignorant drifters? I'd rather be a drifting endeavor of life than a drifting couch potato douche. In waves....