Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In Waves, everybody!

Yesterday was like Christmas morning as my sister woke me up like crazy and told me that there was a parcel delivered to me via DHL. I immediately knew what it was. Got out of my bed with a pair of blurry eyes and rushed downstairs to grab and open my parcel. And there it was...

The 3 over weeks of waiting was finally over....

Can you guys now scream; "IN WAAAVVEESSSS!"?

Indeed, this has got to be one of Trivium's best albums ever produced! A must buy for Trivium fans anywhere! The sweet thing about the special edition package I pre-ordered 3 weeks back was that it includes; a Special Edition CD/DVD pack and a Merchandise T-Shirt.

The DVD features: The making of the album, Live performances of the band in the Chapman studios, 5 extra tracks, and the Official Music Video 'In Waves'.

The tracks in the album are indeed mind blowing! Trivium has finally found their own sound and style that can be heard and identified in this album.

My favourite tracks in the album are; 'In Waves', 'Built to fall', 'Inception of the end', 'Black' and 'Watch the world burn'.

Trivium have indeed outdone themselves very well in this album; both Technically and Musically. Their musicianship from then till now has improved greatly.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of 'In Waves' now!!! :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never knew this day would come..

The day has come...for the first time in my 21 years...I'm finally wearing glasses!

Well, it ain't so bad. I only need to wear glasses when I'm facing in front of the TV or PC. Other than that, I can do without.

All this while I thought I was the only one in the 'Cheah' family who would never EVER wear glasses and thinking that I would have ; fresh, no-issue, fine eyes for life....I was wrong..

Yes..Mummy, Papa and Krystyn had to wear glasses at some point of time in their life. But today was my turn. *jeng jeng jeng*...

But that's life. You'll never know what to expect. Good thing I can accept my current condition and would want to make an effort in improving my eye sight. Currently dealing with this optical defect called 'Astigmatism'. I guess it takes time, till it could be resolved..maybe...