Monday, December 19, 2011

Was it worth it?

My obsession with Heavy Metal started when I was 15. Before that, I only knew of 'Nu-Metal', which most Metalheads do not consider that particular Sub-Genre, 'Metal'. A few friends of mine then introduced me to the world of; 'Metalcore, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal '.....and the list goes on....

Later in my Teenage years, I took up the Electric Guitar and started learning how to play it. And of course, most of us aspiring guitar players would want to be as good as our guitar heroes. One of my heroes were; Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Matt Heafy, Gary Moore (RIP), Dimebag Darrel (RIP) and the list goes on.

Call me bias, but there is one guitar hero that I find very unique in the Heavy Metal scene...his name is Alexi Laiho. Lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, Children Of Bodom. Why? Maybe in a musical sense, his innovative melodies, monstrous riffs and hooks would most of the time give me the ecstatic sensation of potential 'Eargasms'. Along with his badass yell, "Yeow!" at the intro on a lot of COB's songs. You just knew that hell would break loose in a COB track (in a good way).

In a technical sense, his guitar playing according to a lot of people (including myself) find it very impressive.

To guitar players: How many guitar players that you know, could play very fluid sounding arpeggio sweeps by using a Bridge pickup instead of a neck? I mean, you don't see Paul Gilbert or Joe Satriani switching to their bridge pickups to sweep. Don't get me wrong, both of them are indeed 'Guitar Masters' in their own right. I'm just stating what makes Alexi Laiho, the kind of guitarist that stands out in his own right. There are others who can Sweep with a bridge pickup as good or perhaps, better than Him. But the main focus would be Alexi in this post. Besides that, Alexi just knows how to use the Floating a boss. If you've not watched his videos (which I'll load up later in this post), please do.

And so, it was on the 15th of November. I was on the Train at night, on my way to the 'Lion City'. And you would have guessed it....Children Of Bodom was going to perform live in Singapore, 2 days later. That was the whole purpose of this trip. As thrilled as I was, I just knew it was going to be a good show. And that proved pretty well on the day of the Concert. From the time, 'COB' came on stage, breaking through the flooding smoke on stage. And then, the mayhem had started...the band started performing what they do best....Heavy "F*cking" Metal..

From explosive riffs, to blistering solos. COB had defined themselves as a band with 'Attitude'. Which had set an impression on me and the 'Hate Crew' (Fans) to be the best 1 1/2 hours spent this year....I believe so...

Meeting and greeting the band was a plus point for me as I was fortunate enough to meet them in person. The ecstatic feeling of being able to meet my idols has never been this awesome. A moment to be cherished, as a 'Metal Head'. Was it worth it? Hell yes it was!

-Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman-

-Meet & Greet session with COB-